Tenancy advice and advocacy bodies

One issue with many of the short-term or alternative forms of housing is the very grey area around tenant's rights. Do you have any? Most states have independent bodies that will provide you with free information about your rights, and some also act as advocacy bodies to improve tenant's rights.

Guest houses, caravan parks, motel rooms, container homes and…

There are many guest houses, boarding houses and motels, converted to casual but longish-term accommodation, appearing on the market. These do not generally require a bond and are usually fortnightly or monthly tenancies so can be taken until life settles down or something better comes along. However, they are usually available for the long haul if that is what you want.

Share housing: commercial sites and FaceBook groups

Sites offering share housing - including for seniors - are proliferating on the web. However there are many potential issues with share housing you should take into account. Note that, for the list below, private Facebook groups do not share an image so the only image available is a login image.

Big ideas and local housing action

Housing issues are embedded into a broader social malaise. If you are looking for bigger solutions, local co-operatives and intentional communities may be the way to go. New ways of organising and living Grassroots housing projects Housing provider new housing projects  

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