The three aspects to affordable housing developments

There are many groups around the country looking at various types of affordable housing. It can get very confusing working out what they are all doing, particularly as the language is very loosely defined and the same words can be used to mean different things.

So let’s clarify. There are three aspects to the conversation:

  • Where is the money coming from to build or purchase affordable housing?
  • What is the design of the affordable housing – what is going to be built and for whom?
  • How is that housing to be managed?

Where is the money coming from?

There are various ways of funding housing developments and the way they are funded often flows through into what is designed and how it is  managed. So the source of the funding is critical to the outcomes.

  • government funding for rental housing
  • property syndicates for rental housing
  • crowd lending for home ownership
  • cooperatives for home ownership

What is it going to be spent on?

This can include:

  • Conventional family housing (owning or renting)
  • Co-housing (owning or renting)
  • Eco-villages (owning or renting)
  • Converting existing properties for multiple occupancy (renting)
  • Building singles residences (owning or renting)

How is it going to be managed?

Is the property for rent or sale?

For Sale

  • What kind of body corporate regulations are to be implemented?
  • How will resale be handled if the property is to be sold?

For Rent

  • What kind or duration of rental tenure will be implemented?
  • How will common lands be managed?
  • How will the integrity of the overall property be protected from “decay”?


When you see projects where development of affordable housing is going on, it can be just about any combination from each of the three:

  • the source and style of funding
  • the design of the buildings
  • the management of the end result.


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