Who is Christine Kent?

Christine Kent

I am Christine. I started the Housing Alternatives Facebook group after my appearance on the SBS Insight show, Women on the Edge. This was a show about home-less mature age women, the various ways in which we arrived at the point of being home-less, and how we are surviving now.

But the show did not present the real cause of homelessness, which is structural, not personal, and did not approach solutions for those of us already impacted by disastrous economic policy of successive governments.

I wanted to look at causes and solutions, rather than personal “blame the victim” stories.  So I decided on a two-pronged approach:

  • I would work out how to get affordable housing built throughout the regional areas of Australia – somehow. I didn’t – and still don’t know how.
  • I would put up a website – this site – to gather together all the intelligence we have on how to be survive as best we can in our home-less state until the true issues are addressed.

Next steps

We are still learning, learning what the problems really are, and learning what solutions might be applicable, and most importantly learning about  the quagmire of official indifference to the crisis level of homelessness – as just one face of poverty – of ever increasing numbers of the Australian population, who have been denied citizenship in their own nation.  It’s not going to be easy to fix this, but we are slowly finding our way through the bog.  Please stick with us on our journey.

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