Can you help with branding?

This is a very brief overview of the branding we need just for the website. Other projects may be branded differently.

Our most urgent need for the website ( is for a suite of icon, logo and social media image (the first image on the home page that is not the header). The social media image is critical because that is the face we give to the world when we use FB, LI and Twitter to publicise the main site.

So all three, icon, logo and initial featured image need to tell the same story – somehow.

Facebook requires a minimum size of 480×480 pixels so a featured image must be at least this size. The WordPress template I am using needs images of 2000 wide for the front page and 900 wide for the other pages, so I have had no trouble meeting the 480 wide requirement, but have once failed the meet the 480 deep requirement.

After that we also need a quality photo that is not a stock image for that full page image when you first enter the site. I have 4 stock images on a randomiser because none of them really hits the mark. I like the olive green one best (even though I do not normally like olive green), but others think she looks too young. I want to give the impression of a positive future if we are willing to walk the path towards it. I also like the yellow I have used on the FB page as it really stands out.

Then after that we need good featured images for all the other pages so if we distribute any of them, the image gives a good first impression. If there is no featured image, then the icon will default. We will eventually have architects drawings and other first hand photos to put here, but at the moment we are all working in different states so cannot even do a group photo.

All this needs to flow onto our branding on our written documentation, so the icon or logo need to be scalable for and suitable for printed materials such as proposals, press releases and the like. We need to identify one or two colours that we can use as highlight colours in Word files, picked out of the logo/icon colours.

If you feel you can help us in any practical way, then please feel free to contact us through the Reply field below.

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