Tenancy advice and advocacy bodies

One issue with many of the short-term or alternative forms of housing is the very grey area around tenant’s rights.  Do you have any?  Most states have independent bodies that will provide you with free information about your rights, and some also act as advocacy bodies to improve tenant’s rights.

If you enter into a handshake agreement with an owner, you should find out what your rights are.  This is a very comprehensive article for anyone entering into a non-standard living arrangement.

Why are share accommodation laws so confusing?

If you end up in a dispute with a private owner with whom you have a private handshake arrangement and no legal tenancy agreement, you may also have rights you know nothing about.  Even if you have a lease downloaded from the web, where you have apparently signed away your rights, you may still have legal rights.  It is worth checking.

Tenancy advocacy bodies

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Tenants rights

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