Sharing a house

The difference between renting a room and sharing a house

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All people sharing a rental house are equal, and normally all are named on the lease. Shared housing, if you can find the right house-mates, can be a much longer term proposition that renting a room in someone else’s house.

However it still has it’s pitfalls, and can rarely be seen as a permanent arrangement.  Make sure you lead life in a compatible way. Are you going to eat together? Different food habits can be a killer. Here are some good checklists.

Finding share housing

There are many places on the web where you can find “shared” housing. You will find rooms to rent and shared housing on the same sites.

Note that, for the list below, private Facebook groups do not share an image so the only image available is a login image.

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Setting up your own share housing

You can also set up your own share housing. A network of fabulous share houses

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