New South Wales Community & Public Housing

Community & Public Housing

Community housing is run by private companies and public housing is run by the government. In some regions, both are administered by the public housing office, so that is always your first port of call. Find out if an application for public housing also covers community housing. In some cases you may need to apply privately for each community housing option as well as the public housing option.

Resource Contact Details
List of public housing offices
List of Aboriginal Housing Office providers
List of community housing providers
You can download and an Excel spreadsheet of a full list of providers by town. IT is more comprehensive than the List of community housing providers above.Go to and scroll down to the link “Community Housing Providers by Local Government Area (Excel).
Contact list for managers of affordable housing
Directory of Housing Associations Housing providers have their own association, and they are also listed on their own site. This site has a handy map showing the geographic regions.

They also give a good background to what community housing is about.

Common Equity (Co-operative Housing) NSW Ltd Common Equity has 33 Housing Co-operatives across NSW and offers accommodation in a variety of dwelling types and locations to almost 500 tenants.

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