Keeping the media spotlight on women

We believe that there will be no serious increase in public and affordable housing that is safe and suitable for older women and women with children, without a significant publicity campaign to bring the media spotlight onto the true nature of the housing crisis and the demographic affected.

Our major message will be that women are being left homeless and exposed to danger for no better reason than that they are on the minimum wage or less and that this income can no longer pay for rents.

This is a different demographic from those who have social issues that have resulted in homelessness.

Social Media

Our social media presence currently includes:

Each is operating at varying levels of commitment and success.

Public Speaking

We are also planning extensive public speaking engagements to educate the public about the unmet housing needs, particularly of mature age women. This will include talks to service clubs, radio interviews, podcasts and similar activities.

If you would like to help us in any way with developing our media presence, please contact us through the Reply field below.

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