Can you help with a range of marketing tasks?

Social Media

Our media profile so far consists of:

These are at various stages of development and we could use the following help to further our media profile.

  1. We need serious assistance with professional level branding including icons, logos, other identifying images, and overall look at feel including colour schemes.
  2. We need original, high quality, royalty free photographs for our website.
  3. We need someone who is totally familiar with and committed to our overall vision, and who has existing social media skills, to put some effort into developing the Facebook page and the LinkedIn group.
  4. We need a skilled SEO person to set this website up to go viral.
  5. We need skilled writers to write on matters pertaining to homelessness to be published through this blog. This could include:
    • interviewing home-less people to get their perspective on just about anything
    • Interviewing people devising creative ways to provide affordable housing
  6. We need skilled PR writers to plan a media strategy and write punchy media releases.

Public speaking

We want to make the public aware of the new homeless. To achieve this we can supply public speakers to conferences and other events on homelessness, or for radio and TV intereviews. If you have friends in any of these industries, you could ask them to contact us to arrange for a speaker or an interview.

If you feel you can help us in any practical way, then please feel free to contact us through the Reply field below.

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