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Why are pensioners retiring overseas?

Depending upon how long you have lived in Australia, you can live overseas and still claim your pension less supplements. I have listed this under temporary as I don’t know how viable it is to live in any country that was not your original home until you die.

To find out if you have lived and worked in Australia for long enough to do this, go to the following website. If you think this is a viable option for you to live better on the same income, then check with Centrelink personally to make sure.

This is an old article but summarises the problem well.


Can WE do this?

I have this wild idea in my head that we could form a group who go to a single cost-effective location overseas. Particularly for women, it would be much safer to go to a location where there is already an established social group. Do you know of an individual or a group who are living overseas on their pensions and preferring it to living in Australia?

A project like this is far more than I can do. Who out there could come onto the Housing Alternatives management team and run with the idea?  This may suit someone already living overseas who would like more company. I am not recommending that anyone take the leap of faith alone. I am suggesting a community that takes responsibility towards other members of the community.

Each country has complex visa requirements. It would be best if we had communities in two countries, so if you have to leave one you could go to the other.

Can YOU do this?

Please contact us if you think you can further this idea or know someone who can.

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