Independent rental – how to obtain a property direct from the owner

It is the responsibility of real estate agents and home owners to find good tenants.  They have all the power at their disposal to do all manner of financial and reference checks and yet they still get it wrong, placing unsuitable tenants in houses whilst refusing good tenants.

While real estate agents and owners accept no responsibility for their bad decisions, the situation will not change. It is not good enough that the youngest, least experienced staff member with little life experience and still less judgement gets to control which Australian citizens can or cannot find rental housing and the lease conditions they must live under.

Good rental tenants should not be suffering the consequences of the incompetence of real estate agencies and the increasingly draconian lease conditions designed for bad tenants.

Renting directly from an owner

How do we escape? We do everything we can to rent directly from an owner.  This may seem to be a riskier path, but the legal rights and responsibilities between owners and renters are identical to those between real estate agents and renters.  So we have nothing to lose.  We are at risk either way, but have the opportunity to build a good reputation and collect our own renters portfolio through which we can promote ourselves to the next owner when we move on.

Leases and legal requirements

When we do, we are still covered by our relevant state based residential tenancies act.

“All residential tenancies in VIC are covered by standard terms which cannot be altered. It’s advisable to use a written agreement and it’s the Landlords obligation to provide a copy to the tenant.”  (

Private rental options

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