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There are lots of house-sitting sites on the web through which you can find house-sits in your regional area. Some are better than others for different areas, so get onto each that will allow you to see the house-sits without cost. Get their notification emails sent to you when they find a house-sit in your chosen area, and ONLY when you find one you want to apply for, pay your membership. Even then, be selective as some memberships are vastly more expensive than others.

House-sitting can be very very good and very very bad, so do not be afraid to interview your “clients”. Read the tips that are available for house-sitters on the house-sitting sites, but be careful not to go into things with rose-coloured glasses. There are traps and you will fall into them if you do not pay attention.

Independent Advice for House-sitters

House-sitting is not all moonlight and roses as most of the sites imply. It is easy for problems to arise for both the house-sitters and the clients. Get onto a few Facebook groups to learn the ins and outs of house-sitting, see where the hidden snags lie, and find out how to do it well. Here are a few, but there are many more.

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If you know of other good sites for house-sitting or house-sitting tips, please fill out the Have your say field at the bottom of the page, and let us know what we have missed. This website is in its early days and we rely on those in the know to make it the best it can be.

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