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Housing Alternatives (for women) is designed for women who have been forced out of the housing market, or are at risk of being forced out, by skyrocketing house prices and rentals.

Whilst there are government initiatives underway to provide property developers with all manner of very valuable “perks” for housing those of us priced out of the market, there are few controls on what they must deliver. The plans currently underway, and the projects delivered so far, using taxpayer dollars, are creating the slums of tomorrow.

And none, that I have seen, delivers safety and dignity to the growing number of homeless women.

Developers are touting very high rates of return for other developers to create substandard housing. There is a resurgence of boarding houses and unsustainably small spaces being created, still at borderline affordable rents, that are utterly unsuitable for long term living and dying in dignity.

In the face of the Australian government disinterest in the welfare of a very large proportion of Australians, we must take back control and work towards a better future for ourselves. We have to initiate and support our own housing developments, developments that are environmentally and socially sustainable, so that this nation does not turn into a third world nation, housing its underpaid in slums.

Let’s make this the lucky country – once again

We can lead the world in solving the global housing affordability crisis – if we choose to do what Australians have always done, think creatively to make sure there is a fair go for everyone who calls themselves Australian.

This site is wholly written and managed by Christine Kent.

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