Emergency housing hotlines

If you do not have a roof over your head tonight, call one of the following hotline numbers.

If you are safe for now but need to find something better, click the Safe Haven menu above to read about a range of short-term options that might be more suitable than your current option.

State Hotline
National Try Ask Izzy first
Queensland 1800 474 753
If you are from Queensland you might also want to try the The Lady Musgrave Trust. They have some handy guides to help you navigate homelessness in Brisbane and Regional areas
New South Wales 1800 152 152
ACT 1800 176 468
Victoria 1800 825 955
Tasmania 1800 800 588
South Australia 1800 003 308
Western Australia 1800 199 008
Northern Territory (08) 8985 4389
1800 019 116 (for domestic violence)


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