Homelessness email campaign

Keeping ourselves in the public eye and, even more importantly maybe, in the political eye, is an ongoing task. Keeping our message clear is also important. Here are some tips on how to email your various representatives in federal and state politics.

Email your state member

The states are responsible for implementing housing policy.  They get to decide how to spend their housing budget.  If your member is currently in government they can help change policy now and if they are in opposition they can influence election policy.

Email your federal member

The federal government doles out money to the states to fund housing and other policies.  They get to decide how much the states get of federal money.  If your member is currently in government they can help change policy now and if they are in opposition they can influence election policy.

Email a senator

Senators can have influence on party policy and can propose legislation.  They often have more power than members of the House of Representatives if they hold the balance of power in the senate, or are part of a group that holds the balance of power.

You can copy this email (written by Marcia) or write your own.

Dear [Insert your representative’s name here]

I am writing to you to hopefully make you aware of the housing crisis in Australia. Did you know that aged women are the fastest growing demographic of homeless people in Australia? Aged women have been financially disadvantaged throughout their lives because of salary inequity, child bearing and raising, caring for aged parents, casual workplace positions, marriage breakdowns, illness, lack of superannuation, among other things. The result is that when they reach pension age they are far less financial than most men. Does Australia want to see the streets littered with aged women who are homeless? I don’t believe so.

So, I ask you to fight for these aged women so that they can have a safe place to live. Can your party make an election promise that all homeless women will be housed within a year of taking office?

Here is a paper written by Christine Kent that I would like you to take into consideration.

11 facts about the housing crisis in Australia

Many thanks
[insert your name here]


Some of you may like to cut and paste the 11 Facts article into your email – it is just too confusing for me to do that here, but will be OK in your email and probably have more punch than a link.

Also you can choose from two different links to the same article on two different publishing platforms, each with different formatting options.  Pick the one you think is more likely to entice readers.

How to find and contact your federal member or a senator

How to find and contact your state member or a senator

How to help with a lobbying campaign

Lobbying politicians

Read this ABC article for helpful advice.

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  1. Thankyou Christine! Very helpful. I shall add to your name: Convenor of Housing Alternatives Australia (women) self help action group. Did you want to add the high cost of rentals and inflated housing costs to the list?

    1. It’s on the list, isn’t it? I’ve explicitly added the words “both rental and purchase) to make this clearer.

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